Trinidad and Tobago Flag

Trinidad and Tobago Flag

Official Country Name: Trinidad and Tobago

Capital: Port of Spain

Population: 1,310,000 (2011 estimate)

National Flag Day: 31st August

Description of the Flag: The national flag of Trinidad and Tobago consists of a bold diagonal which is black in color and is bordered by thin white stripes. This diagonal originates from the upper left corner of the flag and divides the flag into two distinct parts. Both these parts are red in color and signify the Sun. The other colors too have their specific meanings – the color black represents the earth and the color white indicates water. The national flag of Trinidad and Tobago
was first adopted on 31st August, 1962 to mark its independence from the Great Britain. On this very day, the people of Trinidad and Tobago celebrate the National Flag Day every year with immense joy and excitement.

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